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Dash Price Prediction

dash price prediction

Traders were lucky to catch that time when Dash surpassed the $1,500 benchmark in 2017. However, it did not last for long, and the value plummeted and fluctuated throughout 2018. This was actually the year of the overall recession. 

The project is still attractive due to the benefits it offers to traders and investors. The Dash coin is seen as promising in the long run. And if you learn price dynamics (we’re dwelling on it in this piece), you’ll see opportunities. Without further ado, let’s get deeper into this Dash coin subject and also find out the most accurate Dash price prediction.

Overview of Dash Coin 

Coin NameDash
Coin SymbolDASH
USD Price$ 47.06
Marketcap$ 509,783,936
24h Volume$ 126,956,574
Total Supply10,831,249

There’s quite an interesting story behind the coin. Back in 2014, it was introduced to the world by Evan Duffield, software developer aka crypto genius, under the name DASH. From the very beginning, it was a baby project of Litecoin to exist ​​equally but just after a while, it was more sought-after as Darkcoin. The story went further when Duffield made the decision to use the digital currency for cash operations and dubbed it DASH aka Digital Cash.

Just like Bitcoin, Dash was built on the codebase, yet it was supposed to stand out from the crowd due to the features integrated. The token had experienced a few changes prior to proving its potential on exchange platforms. So, in this piece, we’re dwelling on the Dash price prediction, the token, and the venture in general.

What is Dash (DASH)?

Dash is the world’s first digital currency that, thanks to the encryption algorithm, made anonymous transactions possible. DASH is intended to be the equivalent of cash in the world of digital currencies, a simple and convenient means of making purchases and payments.

How Dash (DASH) works

Since Dash is privacy-focused, miners and masternodes help it provide DASH users with anonymity and high transaction speeds. For this work, both of them receive a reward of 45% of the transaction commission, and the rest goes to the Dash project development fund.

In addition, the flow of funds in the Dash network is hidden by a mixing mechanism called PrivateSend. This technology divides the transaction amount into equal parts and mixes the parts of different transactions that match in volume.

In addition to confidentiality, the project cares about the high speed of transactions, which is guaranteed by InstantSend technology.

All decisions regarding the development and changes of the project are made by voting on the official website.

Dash (DASH) price analysis

The price of Dash has risen by $0.0702 over the last 24 hours, by 0.14% in percentage terms, and is now $49.28. The trading volume increased by 17.78% over the last 24 hours and amounted to $97,112,636.67. DASH is in bullish mode but closer to neutral. Technical analysis gives 10 bullish signals versus 7 bearish ones over the past day. Oscillators are mostly neutral.

Dash (DASH) price history


Dash entered the market on February 14, 2014 with a price of $0.2139 per coin and managed to exceed $1 in a few days. In 2015, the value of the coin ranged from $2 – $4, and even reached its maximum of $5.28 at that time. Throughout 2016, the coin continued to skyrocket, reaching a peak of over $14, but that was nothing compared to the momentum of 2017, when on December 20, it hit its all-time high of $1,642.22. After that, the cost of the coin rapidly declined, and at the end of 2018 it was $60 – $80. 


Between 2019 and 2020, DASH did not show high growth rates either. The coin did not rise above $178 and a minimum price was below $40. Dash managed to reach the $440 mark in 2021, but then lowered again, trading at a price of $130-$250. 2022 is by no means the best year for Dash. Its value did not exceed $155, and in the third quarter, the token was trading at a price of $40 – $50.

What makes Dash different?

Digital money was a game-changer for the financial domain. For ordinary users, it tackles the problem of storage, the convenience of use, and speed. DASH turned out to be a pretty decent payment solution based on the b2b payments network. Besides, it keeps logs of every transaction impeccably on the blockchain.

Dash network exploits its same-name token for creating decentralized apps. The whole system includes two nodal components: Drive and DAPI. Thanks to them, the Dash P2P network represents a cloud, which streamlines a perfect entry of other developers’ apps.

DASH, in order to come up with some technological advancement, ensured a voting system on other venture suggestions. This serves as a game-changer to increase and deal with the entire network and also simplifies the entry of multiple new ventures. This has a positive impact on the Dash price prediction. For you to see a competitive advantage, here’s a little explanation. 

But back at a time, the token was an old-school way intended to build a Pandora or Treasury, backed by 10% of the block reward. That is the combination of the pile of transaction commissions and the latest minting of DASH provided to miners for sustaining the public ledger.

So, here’s a number of great features that makes the token outshine its counterparts:

  • Breakthrough technology

The DASH network avails a range of great technological solutions, such as masternodes, ChainLocks (safety), treasury system, automatic InstantSend (utility), and long-living masternode quorums (expandability).

  • Masternodes 

These are something novel and exclusive. These nodes are absolutely distinct in the functionality with a traditional system of a p2p network where they contain pieces of information and network resources – and all of that with transparency and integrity. DASH brought about a brand new approach to the payment network by adding a second layer. The result of it is higher performance in return for more remuneration. The second layer lands DASH this reputation of the safest domain-leading feature bolstering super quick transaction organization and usernames.  

  • Immediate approval of transactions

The project brought in a flat-out better speed of transactions and receipt delivery. A breakthrough solution ChainLock ensures the safety and decentralization state of any transaction. Therewith, no extra costs are not required. Everything is transparent and secure here – another factor that makes the Dash price prediction always encouraging.

  • Authentication

InstantSend is a solution built on the Dash payment network that makes sure that the transaction is verified. If the transaction is legitimate, it will keep the entries to that particular transaction and distribute this data to the network, guaranteeing the addition of transactions in mined blocks and blocking any ineligible operation within the system. 

  • Long-Living Masternode Quorums

Dash’s LLMQs bring a lot to the table of the network by remaining continually functional as subsets on the whole node list. They are ‘crafted’ due to a distributed key generation scheme and execute threshold signing of consensus-based messages for such developments as InstantSend and ChainLocks.

  • ChainLock

ChainLock deals with the approval of payments. Together with InstantSend, it shapes an ecosystem where they can be received straightaway and everything without undermining “Blockchain Reorganization Events” in one and a half seconds. An average transaction span is two and a half seconds, which is four times more rapid than Bitcoin. 

  • Broad usage through the cellular network

Any Dash price prediction emphasizes that the Dash Payment network showed up as user-oriented by getting adopted massively with smartphones and cellular devices. From now on, users can make pay-per-click purchases on official sites or through mobile applications, create accounts and new contacts, etc. 

  •  Proof of service

The masternodes obligatorily have to participate in LLMQs, otherwise, they are subject to a fine. For this very mission, a Proof of Service (PoSe) scoring system was delivered to stimulate masternodes to grant this service. If nodes are not contributing to quorums, they are removed.

  •  Decentralized Cloud Storage

Cloud solutions for storing information are just a godsend for today’s cyber attacks. Dash network tackles this ideally by delivering Dash’s consensus scheme. It protects the whole operation and the ​​reliability of data.

  • Client libraries

A representative of any nationality has access to them to truly figure out the blockchain system and structure. There’s no way one cannot understand how it all works in the light of blockchain-enabled networks. 

  • Minimum data silos

Data coming from users is not regulated, nor controlled by someone with sole power on the Dash network. Yet, it is 100% reliable at any time for all stakeholders, whether these are backers, business partners, or simple customers, which serves as a catalyst in Dash price prediction.

  • Immediate data approval

The Dash network against other counterparts does a great job at approving data at a lightning speed thanks to its consensus protocol. Thus, the storage is arranged with no involvement of typical UX compromises. 

  • DAPI

Users are able to incorporate their apps to Dash Platform through DAPI, the network’s distributed, decentralized Application programming Interface. Officially, DAPI stands for an HTTP API exposing JSON-RPC endpoints. Through them, tech engineers forward, receive application data, and request the Dash blockchain.

They also benefit from having similar access and safety of a whole node with no extra expenses and maintenance overheads. The traditional APIs have an enormous burden of criticism, along with power failure but DAPI customers can connect different instances through a client library. 

Now, when you know what makes the token so promising, let’s get to know the Dash price prediction.

Dash Coin Price Prediction for 2022-2030 

In general, predictions are optimistic. Most reliable sources are convinced that the token’s value will grow. Here are the aspects that can add to this:

  • Scarcity. Dash contains masternodes that prevent many coins from selling on the market. This leads to a price surge if a lot of people purchase it. The bigger the demand is, the bigger the scarcity is, which, as a result, boosts the value.
  • FinTech collaborations. Dash set a course for getting adopted massively and ensured the partnerships with multiple vendors. Therefore, the user pool grows, and the price might hit a whopping $2,822 price point. 
  • Inexpensive and fast transactions. Users have the transactions streamlined thanks to the InstantSend feature. This is where Dash packs the punch, especially compared to Bitcoin.
  • Availability. Traders, investors can buy it with fiat or any other crypto everywhere as Dash is very popular. 

What is the Dash price prediction that most experts share?

At a time of writing, the worth of the token makes a $124.69 price point. Earlier, it was predicted to be $132.177. In the meantime, the lowest price could be around $89. So, we see a 1.4% difference in prognosis. In 2023, Dash might cost $175.82. This very year, it can achieve a whopping $203.45. So, many analysts consider the coin very promising. Another reputable online expert predicts that Dash will get a $294.120 price mark. In five years, we can see a +190.95% increase. In 2027, the value can be up to $290.95.

The average price might be going up to $149.41 in 2023, in 2025 it’s expected to be $241.41, and in 2029 – $472.14. What’s more, some express super enthusiasm stating that the price can already get a $346.103 price point in late 2022. As another Dash price prediction states, in 2022, cryptopreneurs can trade with a $144.11 price point, in 2025 – at $455.10, and in 2030 – at a whopping $2,780.40.

YearMinimum Price $Average Price $Maximum Price $

Dash Price Prediction 2022 

Dash is super volatile and for now, it is very young. Over the years, it has experienced short and high swings. Before spiking to $111, it plummeted to $80 and now got to $124.69.

The value of the token fluctuates just like the one of any other cryptocurrency. At present, the price hovers around $125. As TradingView states, in February 2022, the market saw a $94 price point. Since that time, the price dropped to $91 before holding a course for the level above a hundred bucks. 

As previously stated in any Dash price prediction,  will be going great in the nearest future, and by December it has all the chances to hit a $346.103 price mark.

Dash Price Prediction 2023 

From all the corners, they preach that the value is expected to grow. In early 2023, the worth might reach a $175.82 price mark. This very year, the value might become a surprising $203.45. Thus, some analysts believe in the huge potential of the token. Let’s proceed with the price shifts over the months. 

The coin will enter the first month of the year with a price tagline of $175.85. In spring 2023, it is expected to be $184.94, which is a 62.64% increase from the previous mark. In summer, it might be a little drop to $170.57. In September 2023, as another Dash price prediction states, we can see $184.30, and in December – $203.45.

Dash Price Prediction 2024 

In late 2024, the value might fluctuate somewhere between $141.696 and $208.376, according to algorithmic calculations. Analysts expect a 65.13% increase. It is relatively three times the figure of the previous year and four times the one of two years ago. This surge is quite reasonable and not blown up. 

Dash Price Prediction 2025 

The most reputable forecasting tools like Price Prediction and Wallet Investor predict some decline after 2025. This might be explained as a rest season when the market reorganizes itself, and gets ready for a broader price rally. Now, let’s get to the figures. 

In January 2025, the value is foreseen to be $218.21. In spring, it might be $276.09, and in early summer – $283.47. In September, the value might drop to $233.29, and then plummet again to $218.45.

Dash Price Prediction 2027 

By 2026, the coin might trade at $1,198.1577, making a 901% increase. It’s actually the forecast of CryptoGround, which differs significantly from the previous year. In late 2026, the worth might constitute  $580.249. These figures tell that Dash is a great investment having now mass adoption. The Dash price prediction 2025 for the token is super positive. In 2027, the minimum value of Dash is foreseen to be $898.15. The highest value can be $1,030.55 with an average trading worth of $928.60.

Dash Price Prediction 2030 

Between 2028 and 2029, the minimum value will surge from $1,299.29 to $1,991.35 respectively. The maximum price value might fluctuate between $1,572.38 and $2,241.46. In 2030, the lowest worth might be $2,773.50. A maximum one might constitute $3,430.19. Throughout the year, the average trading value might be $2,876.41.

How to store Dash coin?

It’s the responsibility of Dash owners to keep it securely. We’ll outline the most optimal ways here. 

Custodial wallets

It’s a default option to hold cryptos safely. The third party stores someone else’s cryptos for them through offline or online storage called cold and hot one respectively. Also, it is possible to pick the two options. So, what are they?

Traditionally, if you exchange via relevant platforms, stock brokers, or apps, they leave the funds in custodial wallets they host. If you want to manage them on your own, you can send the coins to a cold or hot wallet. However, not all platforms suggest transferring. So, before dealing with an exchange platform, make sure they provide not just an accurate Dash price prediction, but also allow this option. Some investors work with custodial wallets, and here’s why:

  • it’s just easy and hassle-free
  • immediate access since it’s in your account
  • no worries about losing a waller. While the account is available, you can access the funds. 

However, it’s that third party that keeps control of the funds. Users need to rely on their safety tools and trust their policy. So, it’s pivotal to pick a custodial wallet with high security standards. 

Cold wallets

These are offline wallets that represent two types – free paper wallets and hardware ones. We’ll describe closely the second type. They are small devices that connect to a user’s PC and store digital assets. To send or receive the funds, users need an Internet connection. But besides that, the funds are kept offline. These tools obviously do not provide an updated Dash price prediction as they simply deal with storage. 

Here’s what you need to know about hard wallets:

  • wallets differ by the amount of coins they can store and by the types of cryptos (find the right for Dash)
  • when connected to a PC, a hardware wallet gets a one-time address to receive the coins
  • it is possible to transfer the funds to another address
  • hard wallets suggest a recovery phase, meaning the recovery process in case if the device itself is lost
  • for now, hard wallets are considered the ultimate storage option for cryptocurrency. Yet, it’s the convenience factor that works against this option as users need to connect it to a PC. 

Hot wallets 

These are mobile or desktop apps that hold cryptos online. There are also hot wallets built for the web. This type has its benefits as well:

  • users control their holdings 
  • hot wallets are usually free
  • super convenient and easy-to-use
  • they suggest a recovery phase as well if users lose access.

However, there’s always the risk of being hacked as it is for any online source. The chances for this are low, but if you possess significant funds, then even small risks matter. In terms of providing the Dash price prediction for trading, they are useless. 

Paper wallets

These are physical crypto wallets belonging to a cold type of storage. It is a printout of private or public keys that come as a number of characters or QR code. People get cryptos with this type of wallet using the public keys. To send them from the wallet, they will be asked to scan the public and private keys. 

Paper type is as good as hardware one and shares the same benefits. It delivers max security with no or little cost. But again, it’s the least convenient way for storage. Everyone can watch tutorials on the Internet on how to create paper wallets.


Dash is a ‘budding’ cryptocurrency with huge chances to be adopted massively. This very factor influences positively any Dash price prediction. Mass usage will result in a considerable spike. As some coins are not for sale due to masternodes, consequently the value will grow as far as demand grows.  

PrivateSend and InstantSend add to the coin’s public adoption. The transactions are a dream in the crypto domain: fast, cheap, secure, and untrackable. Anonymity is another asset that makes Dash go-to digital money. Most experts believe in a bright Dash future, despite the current recession. Some even ‘prophesize’ that Dash can get to the Bitcoin’s value of $80,000. While it sounds delusional, even the existence of such a narrative speaks volumes about Dash.



Is Dash better than litecoin?

Operationally, yes. It’s basically essentially faster than Litecoin. To illustrate, it takes from 1 to 4 seconds for the Dash transaction thanks to InstantSend feature, while for the Litecoin’s one  – two and a half minutes. Dash is safer thanks to PrivateSend feature and reliable protocol. This actually makes any Dash price prediction favorable. 

Will Dash Grow Up in 2022?

It was expected to be somewhere between $80 and $111. At the time of writing, it’s already $124. So yes, Dash has all the chances to grow in 2022. However, global events like the pandemic and war might have a negative impact on the whole market. 

Is DASH a scam or legit?

Dash is definitely not a scam. It is absolutely a very structured crypto with unique features. Although it does not have yet the same value as Bitcoin, its present-day worth is around 130 bucks per Dash. If you read any detailed Dash price prediction and follow the lifespan of the project, you’ll see it’s legit and getting adopted by real-life businesses. 

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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