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Crypto politics in France

Best Crypto Exchange in France

The acceptance of cryptocurrency increases day by day. With the growing demand for platforms allowing to obtain virtual currencies, the supply of bitcoin exchanges grows too. To the joy of those involved in cryptocurrency, such a situation creates a competitive environment and prompts platforms to constantly improve their services. As a result, instead of looking for just any place allowing to buy bitcoin, people are interested in the best crypto exchanges for traders.

So, nowadays it is reasonable to look not only for a platform available in your location but for the perfect option that fully fits your requirements. This is, of course, impossible without full research of what the market is offering to you. We are going to review the best crypto exchange in France, so if you are a resident of this beautiful European country who wants to get involved in bitcoin trading, sit comfortably and consider this moment the start of your research. 

Crypto politics in France

Even though cryptocurrency is designed to be independent of any government, the reality is that we must reckon with regulations stated by the country of our residence. Lucky for both Franch and foreign people who want to deal with virtual money on the territory of France, local authorities are friendly to crypto. Means, searching for the best crypto exchanges for France residents is a tricky but rewarding task.

Crypto Exchange Tips for France

According to the recently stated regulatory framework, service licensing is optional, so both licensed and unlicensed registered exchange platforms are available to offer their users bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you want to use a licensed platform only, you should check this factor before creating an account. A note: since all best crypto exchanges in France are interested in soliciting investments, they are likely to apply for a license. 

Despite a loyal attitude to licensing of service providers, the French government insists that both cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets must be registered by AMF. Therefore, if the service does not have such registration, it’s better to avoid it. Moreover, as a responsible investor, you want to use the platform that complies with the set of rules stated by AMF.

Factors to consider before choosing any crypto exchange

All in all, tips to choose the best BTC exchange France residents should use are mostly identical to those, which should be considered by residents of any other country. Note that this article is not large enough to describe each detail you need to consider before choosing one of the best crypto exchanges 2020, so you will need to continue your research. With that in mind, we listed the most important factors that indicate whether a crypto exchange worth your attention.

  • Security. The first thing you need to check before using any platform offering finance-related services is its security means. Since you are about to trust the exchange with your money and personal information, make sure that it is complying with AML policy. Besides, such means as 2FA is not a luxury but a necessity these days.  
  • Trading opportunities. Generally, a vast variety of trading tools is a big advantage for a platform. However, if you are a newbie, you might be interested in only a few or non of them. On the opposite, as soon as you realize which trading option is interesting to you, you’ll be able to narrow down the list of desired platforms. Hence, if you are interested in margin trading, look for the best crypto exchanges for margin trading, and so on. Additionally, some exchanges are offering staking, spot trading, and many more opportunities. Make sure to get how to use a trading tool wisely before dealing with it. 
  • Payment options. If you are going to buy bitcoin via a cryptocurrency exchange, it is wise to check if the payment options convenient to you are supported by the platform. Hence, check if the service allows for making credit/debit card deposits and withdrawals, bank transfers, etc. 
  • Fees. The truth is simple – low fees save your money. Therefore, compare the charges of desired platforms to choose the cheapest one. Note that fees may differ depending on the currency and used payment method. Do not forget to assure there are no hidden charges before initiating a transaction. 
  • Support. Decent services care about issues their users may face while working with the platform. That is why when it comes to best crypto exchanges most options of support are available in a 24/7 mode. 

Best crypto exchanges in France

  • Coinhouse provides four account types and three types of services – staking, savings, and custody. Since the moment of verification, you will be able to obtain Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash. However, the premium status will allow you to deal with even more coins. The platform is registered by AMF, so, as a resident of France, you can use it fearlessly. Coinhouse is secure and easy to use, which is proven by numerous positive users’ feedbacks. They are available by email and phone and ready to assist in fixing any of clients’ issues.
  • Godex guarantees its users to exchange coins at a fixed rate. Moreover, you do not need to reveal your identity to trade on Godex. All fees are transparent and competitive within the market. Godex is protected from DDoS attacks, has the SSL certificate, using strong security protocols, and cares about the safety of its servers. An additional factor that makes it safe is a responsive support team that can be contacted for both general communicating and resolving technical issues.
  • CEX.IO is famous for its resistance to hackers’ attacks. This is possible due to the strong security means offered by the platform. Operating since 2013, the platform has proved to be honest and reliable. Currently, the exchange is offering users to obtain 27 coins and tokens with Euro, USD, GBP, or RUB. Deposit/withdrawal methods available on CEX amaze with their diversity: you can make transactions with VISA, MasterCard, SWIFT, Faster Payments, SEPA, QIWI, and other payment services. 
  • Binance is a large platform based in Tokyo. It is offering probably the greatest number of cryptocurrencies. As a user of Binance, you can choose one of six trading modes, starting from the easiest one – Basic. The platform is simultaneously advanced and easy to use, which makes it good for both newbies and professionals. Its interface is available in 18 languages, including French.
  • Paymium exchange is operating since 2011, which makes it the oldest cryptocurrency platform in Europe. Being located in France, Paymium is registered by AMF and its funds are backed up by Weg Bank. The service is offering not only low fees but an additional cashback for your trades. Among services offered by Paymium, you can find advanced trading, API, referral program, and trading rewards.



Which is the best crypto exchange in France?

Truth be told, you are the only one to decide on this. If after making tight research you feel like Godex is the best bitcoin exchange in France, create an account there. The same is true for Coinhouse, CEX.IO, and other platforms. All in all, to choose the best crypto platform, you need to check if it fits the necessary criteria (like strong security or responsive support) and your trading strategy.

Is crypto trading legal in France?

In a single word, yes. France is a bitcoin-friendly country. With the only remark: the government of France is convinced that digital money is not fit enough to be considered a currency. Nevertheless, if you are using the best bitcoin exchange France government approves (means the one registered by AMF), you can consider your bitcoin trading legal. Of course, anywhere you see a legal financial activity, there is an obligation to give the government its fair share. The good news is that crypto-to-crypto trading is not a subject for taxation in France. At the same time, you should understand that if you will cell your crypto coins for fiat, you’ll be obligated to pay taxes.

What are the safest Cryptocurrency exchanges?

To be one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges, the service needs to:

  • be registered by AMF;
  • have a license;
  • be protected from DDoS attacks;
  • comply with KYC/AML policies;
  • provide 24/7 support;
  • offer 2FA. 

Platforms that respond to these criteria are secure and deserve users’ trust.

How do I trade Bitcoins in France?

Basically, just like in any other country where cryptocurrency is legal. You need to find a reliable fiat-to-crypto platform, get registered, and obtain bitcoin. As soon as your understanding of the market becomes advanced enough to develop a trading strategy, you’ll be able to make money on bitcoin trading.  

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