How to claim free Litecoins? A beginner-friendly guide

There are a couple of ways to get your free Litecoins. For example, if you keep your LTC on an exchange, it might reward you with free forked LLC. Or, you can receive them by using the Litecoin faucet. For this, you can be asked to play a game or complete an assignment such as a captcha. Afterward, you’ll have the right to require a reward in the form of a small number of LTC. 

If you’re new to the subject and need a more profound introduction to how to claim Litecoin cash, here’s a full guide on how to do it. Take a look.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a fork of BTC and represents alternative crypto that operates within a public worldwide payment network. The latter is not supervised by any state institution. Litecoin is better at block generation and has a more efficient proof-of-work scheme. 

Litecoin cash claim begins with an understanding of what happened to Litecoin core. LCC is a result of it being forked and at present you can ask for it. Back in 2018, it took place at the Litecoin block height of 1371111. This means if you hold LTC at block 1371111, you will end up with ten times as much Litecoin Cash, in case you own personal keys. 

You can boldly use your present LTC coins, as this type of fork is ‘kind’ and contains replay protection ready. Additionally, $5.5 for each token is proper enough for free money since the fork proportion is 1:10. Thus, for each 1LTC you may receive 10 LCC. Provided you hold LTC in reliable wallets, you can claim Litecoin cash.

How To Claim Litecoin Cash

So, you work with a Litecoin wallet that should be secure by no means. Here’s good advice here: when surveying options, pick a hardware wallet. They are less likely to be hacked. However, if you hold LTC on an exchange, the platform will decide whether to allocate you a free forked LLC. 

Here are some simple steps on how to claim Litecoin cash.

Send your existing LCC to a novel wallet

This phase is pivotal as it prevents stealing of actual Litecoins as they ask you to provide your personal key to get in Bitcoin Cash. It’s important to verify whether your wallet is unfilled prior to announcing your key to LCC. How to proceed with it?

The right step is to download the Litecoin Core on your device. If it is set up, your personal key shouldn’t be present. After the blockchain is done with syncing, the system will show a zero balance. Enter your ‘Settings’ and ‘encrypt wallet’. Decide on a reliable password, and LTC core will recommence. 

Afterward, you ought to enter the file ‘receiving addresses’ in which you’ll spot the LTC address. Make sure you save it. It is a novel LTC address for sending actual Litecoins. After saving it, the Litecoin core can be closed. 

Install the LLC client

The next move to the Litecoin cash claim is to use your browser to pick the LLC client that works with your operating system. Install a Litecoin cash client on your PC and indicate a data directory. It should be compatible with the LTC core setup. 

When the synchronization is done, you should shut down the program and relocate the old LTC wallet into the new directory. You will identify an actual wallet, developed after your first manipulation with the LCC application. Then, it is simply advisable to delete it. 

Access the LLC app once more time and you will stumble upon a balance 10x bigger than the initial Litecoin assets. Forward it to an exchange platform that works with LLC deposits. You’ll have the chance to trade it for any other digital money. 

Exchange your LCC

Finding a reliable exchange working with LCC is integral to the Litecoin cash claim. Users open an account there, press on ‘Wallets’ and find ‘LCC’. Afterward, they pick the deposit button to obtain a novel address. 

The next move is to copy it and return to an available Litecoin Cash app. There’s the ‘Send’ button there in which it’s necessary to paste the novel address. It is recommended to try out the procedure with an insignificant amount to avoid wrong money movements. After getting your Litecoin cash on the account, it is possible to trade it for any crypto. When receiving the coins, it is possible to relocate them to a personal wallet. 

Cryptocurrency wallet

To keep your digital assets safe after the Litecoin cash claim, it is desirable to pick the most secure crypto wallet. The types to select from are:

  • offline wallets
  • hardware wallets
  • software wallets

Offline wallets should contain security features that allow entering private keys, PIN codes, verification phrases, etc. They also include the possibility to restore investments when needed, an intuitive interface, and compatibility with operating systems. To keep your holdings safely, these wallets do not require an Internet connection. 

Hardware wallets are deemed the most secure and reliable. They are more costly, but you can keep peace of mind as your holdings will be safe. For newbies in the business who are not ready to invest in acquiring a hardware wallet, a software one is the best option. Software wallets can be developed for desktop computers and mobile phones. 


Now, you’re aware of how to claim LCC. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to claim LCC securely in the wallet. Provided it’s renewed to LCC, you can claim yours via it. Also, make sure you picked the right wallet with safety features. 

As for an exchange platform, good advice will be to find the one that doesn’t require any personal information and respects the financial secrecy of users. This way, the platform is secured against hacker attacks and data leakage. 

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