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Bit Torrent (BTT) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

bit torrent

Have you ever used file-sharing services? That’s what BitTorrent is about. But at this time, the platform launched its native cryptocurrency and claims users can get rewards from it.

The project is pretty ambitious, striving to transform the entertainment domain and make publishing, sharing of files, downloading cheaper, easier, and beneficial for all involved. Besides, it has already turned into the broadest decentralized peer-to-peer communication standard. 

Does the whole venture look attractive? So is the trading of BTT.  Let’s get to the point and find out the BTT price prediction and whether you can benefit from trading it.

What is BitTorrent Token (BTT)?

BitTorrent was natively initiated on the TRON mainnet. It is also TRC-10, meaning the token complies with the technical token standard that the TRON blockchain supports. The mission is to serve as a transactional tool that helps service providers and BitTorrent users to cooperate. Thanks to the combination of BitTorrent and blockchain technology, BTT has been adopted massively throughout the world. This lead to the BTT network’s income of over 100 million users. 

Additionally, both recognize the idea of decentralized internet with no borders. It allows content makers and providers to interact and earn straightforwardly BTT tokens without any intervention from intermediaries and brokers. 

Cryptopreneurs can purchase the token on multiple crypto exchanges. It is recommended to check them for trustworthiness as they deal with the client’s security. The digital asset can be also used to speed up downloads. From the other point of view, cryptopreneurs can benefit from staking BTT coins on different crypto websites while holding them. 

Now, before getting to the BTT price prediction, let’s get to know how to actually buy it.

How to Buy BTT?

The process of purchasing the token is super easy. First, buyers need to create an online account within the exchange website that offers BitTorrent tokens. In this case, it is preferable to pick the platform that asks for no personal data and in the meantime delivers comfortable rates. 

An optional step here will be purchasing a wallet. It is not advisable to store digital assets on the exchange website as they might be hacked. A crypto wallet, on the contrary, allows keeping the investments securely. By the way, Tron’s blockchain provides its own wallet for keeping BTT. 

There are hardware and software wallets. It’s up to you to figure out which one is the most convenient. Software ones do not require any investment and usually allow storing holdings in an encrypted program on a PC or any other device. The most secure way to store cryptos is having a hardware wallet. This is a physical device that stores digital assets offline. Also, it’s a great solution if the amounts are pretty big. 

The final step before regarding the Bit Torrent coin price prediction is actually making a purchase. Usually, exchanges offer beneficial trading pairs and you can pick the most desirable ones. If you order the buy for the token, it will be executed almost immediately and your BTT balance will be allocated to your account. 

How does BitTorrent token work?

BitTorrent represents a program that serves as a go-between for the sides getting in the network to deal with file sharing applications. Any deal starts once a user sends a request for files from the contributors who contain them on their PC. Contributors divide them into a few pieces. So, if applicants want to download the mentioned file, they get pieces of the same file from diverse holders. 

The BitTorrent going into the crypto market was designed to turn it into a more distributed system, rewarding contributors while boosting the performance of sharing huge files to diminish server and the whole system influence.

Back in 2019 when it was first launched, that very year it has lost around eighty percent of its worth. Later, in April, the token reached its highest value of $0.01426. With ups and downs, this very year the token ended with a $0.0003 price point. 

In early 2020, the market was bearish and the Bittorent coin prediction was pessimistic, but BTT was keeping afloat. In March, right after the pandemic broke out, the value dropped to a whopping $0.00013. By August 2020, it surged up to $0.0005 and then dropped to $0.0002 at the end of the year.

Market Price Prediction For BTT

BTT is deemed as one of the most ‘ambitious’ cryptos nowadays. In late 2021, the price was $0.0041. It kept showing a +2% increase, which increased the recognition of the token within the TRON network and amongst crypto enthusiast in general. 

Let’s mention the general information here: the market cap constitutes $2,702,856,645, while the trading volume is $543,320,772. Thus, the digital asset got into the list of top 100 cryptos. With all these factors, it’s clear that BTT has the potential to shine throughout the years.

Now, we’re getting closer to the BTT crypto price prediction, but make sure you know all the pros and cons to do things correctly.

Should you Invest in BTT?

BTT became popular right after the months of being issued. Eight months later, its worth has skyrocketed and some early bird cryptopreneurs must have made fortunes. Yet, this very fact is not enough to consider it as a great investment. 

Before regarding investment and finding the most accurate Bit Torrent coin price prediction, traders need to examine the value of the token, price dynamics over the years and the latest performance. For newbies in the field who examine the token to expand the portfolio, here are the main reasons to invest and not to. 

Pros and Cons of BTT

So, here are the main pros to pump funds into this venture:

  • Pretty good reputation

BitTorrent was issued around 20 years ago. So, it is older than Bitcoin and still deemed as an altcoin. It literally outlived many other projects and is considered ambitious to reshape the entertainment industry. 

  • The biggest decentralized P2P communication scheme

Prior to BitTorrent becoming a cryptocurrency venture, Bitcoin was the broadest decentralized peer-to-peer algorithm. Currently, it has caught up with Bitcoin as its huge base of users immediately got into the crypto community. At present, it is that solid to draw the attention of many investors and keep up with the competition. 

  • TRON is a solid blockchain 

TRON is known as an excellent blockchain project. The success of the blockchain has a positive impact on the token, promising multiple benefits to traders in the future. Besides, the TRON foundation added to the token’s development.

  • Great performance from the very beginning

Since the launch, it grew into one of the most promising digital assets. Early-bird traders have already got more than 70,000% of investment return. Since BitTorrent gains popularity amongst traders, the TRC-10 standard token gets more value in the crypto community.

  • Affordable price

BTT boasts being one of the most affordable cryptos to purchase. The current worth makes a gross fraction of a buck. Cryptopreneurs can start small and then proceed with big funds without the risk of losing big amounts.

There are also downsides to jumping into the game and finding out the Bit Torrent price prediction:

  • Volatility

This phenomenon defines a lot in the realm of cryptocurrency. This is the number one reason for losing money, particularly they trading at daytime. Also, timing is another important factor in making profits here, which might be a problem for newbies in the field. 

  • “Just out” digital asset

We already know the projects that have started well but crashed over the years. This is how people actually lose funds. For now, the venture seems attractive, but it might experience pains in the future. The project has a pretty insignificant price history to make conclusions about the performance pattern.

  • Questionable founder

TRON was first initiated by Justin Sun, whose reputation is a bit contradictory. He pumped $10 million into GameStop and blew $69 million on non-fungible tokens. He bid $4.5 million to eat out with Warren Buffet for whom cryptocurrency is super evil. Some experts think that he wanted to actually discuss the subjects, others consider such a step as a redundant one.

  • Fierce competition

BitTorrent has started as a great venture prior to going crypto. It got its fans but on the market of file-sharing and torrenting, it’s not alone. That way, plenty of similar businesses might be initiated, making up a significant competition. For instance, as a blockchain, Ethereum is way bigger and it might launch the same venture in the future as well. 

BitTorrent Price Prediction 2022-2025

Here, we’ll outline the most widespread price predictions. So, in five years from now, BTT might hit a $0.0189 price point, according to WalletInvestor. expects the price to be $0.0470 in five years. At DigitalCoinPrice, experts are convinced that the token’s value will be $0.0037778476 in late 2022 and then will surge to $0.00701. The BTT price prediction 2025 is $0.006473. In 2026, the worth might be $0.009169 and in 2028 – $0.01141.

But there is the thing to take into account here: the RSI is at 65.8, making it super clear that it is almost oversold. If the marker is 70 or above, this means the asset is close to being overbought and could be ready for a trend shift or correction in the asset. Consequently, this can end up with a worth shift at any moment.


The project has been around before going crypto. People loved it! And then the native cryptocurrency was introduced to an already existing huge base of users. The Foundation brought a lot to the table of its development. Plus, over the years it survived ups and downs, and now has the price that allows trading successfully without a significant risk of significant losses. 

Before jumping into the game, make sure you considered price dynamics, pros and cons, and did your research to make sure the trading won’t break your wallet. Herewith, it’s crucial to team up with a reliable platform for your trading manipulations that ensure safety and beneficial rates. 

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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