Dashcoin Mining Pools - Top 5 Best Dash Mining Pools in 2021

Best Dash Mining Pools to Join in 2021

top 5 best dash mining pools

Are you interested in crypto mining? There are several cryptocurrency activities attracting the constant interest of the general public and mining is one of those. But before firing up your rig, that’s time to look at the best mining tools available on the market in 2021 and choose the most perspective one. If you’re one of the minded crypto investors who care about risk diversification on the highly volatile bullish market you’re in the right place.

This guide will offer a comprehensive analysis of Dashcoin one of the top Bitcoin alternatives used for mining. You’ll learn how to mine Dash, compare the best dash mining pools and develop your future mining strategy. Having read this guide you’ll understand that mining can be as simple as it sounds and dives deeper into the topic in case of necessity.

When you’re mining on your own it might be difficult for your system to generate the valid blocks independently, get the desired coin, and earn money. That’s especially difficult when you’re working with such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Litcoin. On the contrary, with the mining pool, you work in collaboration with other miners and can perform complex calculations and generate blocks of data splitting the efforts across the network with other people. Of course, you’re both splitting the resources and rewards among the members of the pool, but such an approach makes mining much faster and, hence, is favorable by many investors. 

The important thing is not to join any pool you’ve found on the market, as your rewards depend on the method the pool uses for the rewards allocation. In this guide, we present the features of the best dash mining pools for you to make an informed decision for future mining.

What is Dash?

Dash coin is an altcoin designed to become a peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic money in the crypto market in 2014 as an alternative for Bitcoin. Dash developers believed that this crypto could solve all Bitcoin limitations, offering a decentralized system that rewards any miners who solve the “X11” hash function during mining. In such a way Dash solves the Bitcoin scalability problem. In addition, the altcoin is a very convenient payment source, as it’s accepted at every place curbing any complications typical for other cryptos and offers fast and highly secured transactions in comparison to BTC. 

How to mine Dash Coin?

The idea of the Dash Coin mining pool is to divide miners into three groups: 45% is given to the mine, 45% to Masternode responsible for coins generation, and 10% to the treasury.  If you are a crypto miner, you must find a hash result that meets the network difficulty requirements and submit it to the Dash network. Your solution will be verified and then you are rewarded in Dash cryptocurrency. 

Having decided to mine Dash you require the specific mining hardware and rig. This hardware is designed especially for the best mining results. Once Dash has been founded CPU and GPU were two options most popular among users, but at the moment they’re not considered as profitable as before, hence ASIC has emerged as the slightly costlier, but significantly more profitable hardware. The hash power of ASIC miners is from 8 to 16TH/s hashing power and their price growth with capacity starting from $1000.

What to look for in a mining pool?

The key criteria for taking into consideration while choosing the dash mining software are the following: 

  • Trustworthiness – the pool has to be honest in its calculation of hash power required for mining, as you’re paid according to your contribution
  • Fees – this criterion is the simplest – the higher the fee the lower is the payout. The good news here is that most dash mining pools have similar and quite reasonable fees
  • Servers location – the crucial thing here is to find the closest server to your location focusing on the maximization of the hash power of the network

As we’ve discovered the individual mining might not be always profitable, leading crypto miners to the unification of their computational resources called a mining pool. Taking into account the popularity of Dash as a Bitcoin alternative for mining the amount of dash mining pools has significantly increased in recent years. Dash website lists 18 active pools to choose from. The problem is that Dash doesn’t officially endorse or evaluate these pools. Trying to eliminate this bottleneck we’ve prepared a detailed analysis of the most profitable dash mining pools available on the market. We expect that this list will help you find the most trustworthy one. 

Seven Best Dash Coin Mining Pools in 2021

The mining pools presented in this section are not only the ones focused on the dash, the diversification of the mining coins makes them even more trustworthy.


Main features:

  • Auto-exchange
  • 0.9% fee

MiningPoolHub is one the largest mining pools available on the market supporting 50 coins simultaneously. Its history goes back to the small pool created for Ethereum miners and since that period experienced tremendous growth. Its headquarters are spread across the world, making it accessible to a wide mining community worldwide. One of the pool’s advantages is the redundant servers in each location of presence requiring no backup. MiningPoolHub has a small fee of 0.9% and is finding a block every 150 minutes.

Some additional advantages for Dash miners include:

  • mining of the multiple coins with the same mining algorithm
  • auto-exchange of coins within the pool
  • support pf direct coin mining
  • AI algorithm helping to mine at the most profitable award available
  • ASIC mining support
  • payment is made using the Proportional (Prop) payment scheme (PPS) – popular among minors


Main features:

  • 0% fee

Suprnova is another large dash mining pool, which can be compared to MiningPoolHub in the features and capabilities. The greatest advantage of Suprnova is its 0% fee for dash mining, making it preferrable pool for many investors. The other characteristics of Suprnova include:

  • various servers across the world
  • payment in PPS and PPLNS
  • finds blog every 150 minutes


Main features:

  • No transaction fees
  • PPS and PPLNS payment schemes
  • Maintenance fee: 4% of PPS and 2% of PPLNS

viaBTC is another popular pool in our rating with higher costs in comparison to MiningPoolHub and Suprnova, hence is not the best decision for beginners. The pool’s advantage is its global presence being attractive to miners even though it has maintenance fees that are not favorable for many of them. Simultaneously this dash pool doesn’t take fees for transactions and allows for cloud Dash mining, which is a significant advantage for many users. 


Main features:

  • PPLNS payment scheme
  • Anonymous mining
  • 0% fee

Coinmine dash mining pool is one of the spaces for anonymous miners providing them with a high level of security and privacy. At the same time, Coinmine does not charge for transactions and has a PPLNS payment scheme being popular among miners. Among its drawbacks can be named a low payout of 0.1 Dash in comparison to other miners, which is not quite attractive for investors. But this dash pool finds blocks at a superior speed finding new block every 40 minutes, which is 3.5 times quicker in comparison to other similar pools. Hence, you’re in search of an anonymous pool with high mining speed, but low payouts Coinmine is your choice


Main features:

  • PPS or PPLNS
  • No fees
  • Anti-DDOs attacks

AntPool is among our favorite on the market. It has significant advantages in comparison to its competitors offering such important advantages as:

  • high mining speed – find a block every 40 minutes
  • no fees
  • support both PPS and PPLNS
  • global servers


Main features:

  • High mining efficiency 
  • PPS payment method
  • 2% payment fee

Poolin is a small mining pool working with 10 cryptos including Dash. It has several good features focused on mining efficiency making it attractive for many market players. These tools help miners to earn higher income in comparison to other dash mining pools. On the contrary, it has a limited payout of 0.005 Dash and a pool fee of 2%.


Main features: 

  • PPS, PPLNS, and Solo Mining pool
  • 0.03% fee for Dynamic FPPS mining, 
  • 3.99% fee for Static FPPS mining,
  • 1.99% fee for Solo mining

ProHashing is another example of the dash mining tool that has a place in our list due to its unique profitability features. Some of the advantages, making it attractive for the Dash coin investors are:

  • payout is two times higher than the transaction fee for the use of the network – the profitability of the pool is higher than competitors
  • configuration of the maximum threshold for a network before payout – minimizes the losses in case of privacy breakdown
  • mining of multiple coins simultaneously 
  • each user is assigned different coins from the other

How to calculate your dash mining profits?

Imagine you’ve found your perfect dash mining pools, bought the required hardware, and got ready to earn, but how much can you expect to gain. Profit is an important question to consider with respect to the time and investment required for a mining start. How to define whether all these efforts are worth it.

The simplest solution is the dash mining calculator, estimating the future reward on the basis of dash coin difficulty, block reward, and exchange rate for Dash cryptocurrency. The calculator makes a statistical prediction that can slightly differ from the actual outcome as an algorithm doesn’t take into account dash mining pool fees and electricity costs. In addition, the dash coin difficulty can experience fluctuations from time to time. Fortunately, all these costs don’t prevent a minded investor from forming the general impression of the potential profits. Hence, the dash mining calculator is a good tool to determine the potential ROI of your mining efforts.


Final thoughts

Mining pools have become a popular source of income for many crypto investors who are interested in long-term profits. Even though the individual rewards of the mining are higher than the ones obtained from the pool in the long run mining pool is more reliable and less risky for its members. Once you’ve chosen a trustworthy dash mining pool you can expect stable profits with minimum risks. If you’re just a beginner in mining think about the pool the lowest fees and minimum payout. That’s the road to profits in the long run.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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