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4 Best Crypto Screeners Apps To Use in 2023


What are Crypto screeners?

A crypto screener is a service or a special tool that helps to select cryptocurrencies using fundamental and technical analysis according to the specified parameters. It will be useful to both an experienced crypto asset management master and a novice trader. 

A screener is like a good adviser, ready to help in choosing a reliable and promising cryptocurrency that can bring profit in the near future, or suggest which cryptocurrencies it is better to get rid of as soon as possible. Indeed, according to some reports, there are already over 6,500 cryptocurrencies on the market. In such a variety, it is easy to get confused, and it is even easier to make the wrong choice and incur financial losses by investing in a bad asset.

Depending on the service provided, the screener can perform various functions:

  1. Some can make it possible to track price changes, the volume of trading operations and track all changes in trading, based on a given filter, including a sharp change in volatility.
  2. Others allow you to filter digital currencies based on specific metrics, time frames and established technical indicators. 


The screener notifies the user in their messenger or browser about the information of interest. The screener also allows you to save templates. Today, cryptocurrency screeners are offered only by leading and advanced platforms like CoinMarketCap.

The benefits of using a screener are:

  • ease of tracking information;
  • receiving prompt notifications online;
  • trading activity is carried out on several exchanges at once.

There are various cryptocurrency screeners that differ in the set of functions, the speed of task execution and registration requirements. Below are four of the best crypto screeners you can use.


4 Best Crypto Screeners Apps:

1. Coinmarketcap

CoinMarketCap is almost the first site that a search engine issues when requesting information about the cost of a cryptocurrency. It has a price chart, it has its own cryptocurrency rating according to market cap, and a bunch of data on more than 10,000 coins. 

CoinMarketCap comes with an incredible number of tools that you can use for free. However, not everyone knows how to use this resource to its fullest. For example, many traders create portfolios on the site, as this gives them access to more advanced screener tools.

 Here you can add coins to watchlists, sort them by price, industry, platform, algorithm, and more with one click. Mobile sync and dark mode are also nice features.

Among other things, you can get complete information about the token of interest, from the technologies underlying the blockchain to the development team and their plans for the future. This feature can be both convenient and extremely useful for investors who are still getting familiar with crypto technologies.

In general, thanks to the intuitive interface, the screener from CoinMarketCap would be perfect for a newbie, and an impressive set of tools would also be useful for an experienced crypto trader.

2. CoinGecko

Another popular service for monitoring and comparing various coins is CoinGecko. On the site, just like on CoinMarketCap, one can register to use more advanced features, as well as create a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that generate the most interest.

CoinGecko users can get data from all categories of cryptocurrencies, filter coins by category, hashing algorithms, platforms and many other parameters. Moreover, both creating an account and using the tools on the site are free. This fact, as well as the ease of use of the site’s features, makes Coingecko a great helper for newbies. A screener is available both on the website and in the Android and iOS apps.

3. Messari

The next resource will undoubtedly be appreciated by serious crypto investors, in view of the fact that the provided data, analysis and tools crypto screener tools are as accurate as possible.

Messari collects and analyzes information and charts from various sources to provide investors with institutional-grade data. Messari screener can be used to sort coins using various customizable filters, for example, you can find coins with a high market cap, or the ones that sell the most. 

Its interface is very convenient because all indicators are displayed in one window, for example, price, volume and categories of coins. An interesting feature of this resource is that you can see the portfolio of other crypto investors.The Messari screener offers 15 filters in one category alone, all of which are free to use.

While it’s not entirely free, offering an insanely wide range of tools, Messari fully justifies itself. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Messari Pro to see what it offers and if its tools and features are right for you.

While Messari is geared towards professional analysts, the fact that it offers access to free cryptocurrency screening makes it a gem for traders who value accurate data.

4. DappRadar

With an emphasis on the decentralized parts of cryptography, the DappRadar screener will be especially appreciated by those interested in DeFi. And these are not just words, these are statistics showing that more than half a million users start using this service every month.

In addition to the readily available DeFi data, the service uses a collectibles screener. Like the other screeners in our top four, DappRadar also offers an account registration feature to make it easier to manage your watchlist coins and your portfolio.



For trading and crypto investing, you need to constantly analyze and monitor your trades in order to improve results. In the absence of additional instruments, trading will be chaotic, and the results will be more uncertain.

As you can see, the screener is a great helper, especially for those new to the field. It helps the investor interact in the market, collects and analyzes a large flow of information, sorts and selects the necessary coins from a variety of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the screener, it is possible to select a cryptocurrency by metrics, indicators, time intervals. You can save templates and customize alerts.

Of course, there is a risk of providing false information, so it is better to use screeners from reliable and trusted sources.

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