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Top Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Wallets 2021

Dogecoin Wallets

Dogecoin Overview

Dogecoin started as an Internet meme. It was a joke aimed at the crypto hype that started several years ago. Despite that, DOGE was still based on real technology, and it was a cryptocurrency as real as Bitcoin or Ether. Just like any other crypto, this one also requires a cryptocurrency wallet. There aren’t many exclusive DOGE wallets out there — most of them are wallets that also accept other coins. Either way, some wallets are better for your DOGE than others, so we decided to make a list of the best DOGE wallets in 2021.

Fast forward to the present day, Dogecoin has a $336.6 million market cap, with a circulating supply of 126.6 billion units. 

Although it’s not as popular as some other leading cryptocurrencies, DOGE is still doing pretty well. It’s ranked 45th on the list of most popular cryptos.

Dogecoin Wallets 2021

We decided to make three separate lists of wallet solutions for Dogecoin users — software, hardware, and paper. Therefore, let’s start with the most common among the three.

Software-based DOGE Wallets

This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about wallets. They are pieces of software used for storing your coins. DOGE functions pretty much like other cryptos, meaning you need to store it in a safe place so that no one can access it but you. We’ve conducted research to find the best DOGE wallet options for you. All solutions presented below are free to install. 

Official Dogecoin Wallet

Yes, the coin has its wallet. It’s a great tool if you’re going to focus on this crypto and all its features. There are core and light versions available for desktop. The core one downloads the whole blockchain network to your PC, giving you additional control of your DOGE. However, we wouldn’t recommend downloading the core version if you’re not going to focus on the underlying technology. Instead, if your plan is just to trade Dogecoin, downloading the light version, called MultiDoge, is all you need.

It is available not only for Windows, but also for Linux and OSX. It’s also available for mobile users, but only those who have Android devices. 


If your goal is to trade several cryptos, including DOGE, you should use a wallet that can store them all. Crypto enthusiasts often suggest Guarda as a reliable and useful app. It can store 60+ coins and is available as a desktop client, a mobile app, and a browser-based app (which you can access both on your mobile device and desktop computer). If you happen to use Chrome, the neat extension will come in handy.

There’s one downside to this wallet, and that’s the fees. While transaction fees are minimal, making swaps or in-wallet purchases is definitely not an ideal solution. So, do that elsewhere. Using Guarda for storage only seems like the best possible scenario. 


This piece of software is built with simplicity in mind. The platform is suitable for complete beginners who want to store their DOGE. It’s completely free of charge, although it comes with a disadvantage similar to Guarda — in-wallet purchases and swaps are costly. The wallet supports all major cryptos and ERC20 tokens. It’s available only for desktop users. 

Hardware-based Dogecoin Wallets

If you pursue increased security, then these devices are something to take into account. However, security does come at a price. You have to actually buy the piece of hardware that will store your coins. The good news is that once you unplug your hardware wallet, it’s completely offline and impenetrable by cybercriminals. In other words, your money cannot be stolen when it’s in a ‘cold’ device.

There are two brands currently offering such a solution — Ledger and Trezor. Both of them have two models, and we’ll present more affordable ones in this article.

Ledger Nano S

It is arguably the most popular cold wallet on the market, with more than a million devices sold around the globe. So far, it has turned out to be really good at serving its purpose — keeping your cryptos protected. Just like any other hardware solution, it accepts hundreds of coins, and Dogecoin is one of them.

Moreover, this device is beginner-friendly and can be connected to your PC. But this leads us to one of the downsides of this wallet — it cannot be connected to mobile devices. If you intend to use it on mobile, you’ll have to buy the brand’s Nano X model. It is an upgraded version of the S model. However, it costs twice as much compared to the S version.

The price for Ledger Nano S is $59, while Ledger Nano X costs approximately $119.

Trezor One

The main competitor to the above wallet, Trezor One comes at an average price of $55. No matter where you look, it is usually cheaper than Nano. It features a screen that improves the overall user experience.

It’s as secure as Ledger, meaning there were no reports of security breaches of any kind, even though it is distributed to thousands of crypto owners around the globe. The other Trezor model is called Model T, and it comes at an average price of $170. Although it’s one of the most expensive options, it is definitely worth the money, as it features a big touchscreen and integrated support for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Other Options

As a bonus, we wanted to present two more options that aren’t really as successful as Trezor or Ledger Nano but are worth your attention.

The first one is KeepKey. It’s actually among the most affordable hardware solutions on the market, with an average price of $49. Although it’s a secure device with multi-currency support, it still requires a third-party software addon to work properly, making it a less portable option than Trezor or Ledger.

The other option is the Corazon wallet, which is the most expensive at the moment, with an average price of $700. If you want a gold case instead of titanium, you’ll have to pay $1,490 on average. It’s basically a Trezor wallet as all of its features are similar to Trezor’s products, but it’s considered a deluxe device for true collectors.  


Although the majority of crypto holders don’t consider paper wallets useful, they still offer a secure way of storing your funds. All you have to do is generate public and private keys for your Dogecoin cryptocurrency wallet and print it on paper. There are sites that make random keys, such as this one. Alternatively, you can visit this Doge-exclusive online wallet.

How to Use Dogecoin Wallets for Crypto Exchanges with

Although many wallets come with trading features, they are often slow and expensive. Online cryptocurrency exchanges are still the best option for trading cryptocurrencies, and wallets usually quickly connect with them. is a popular service which allows you to buy DOGE or use it to buy other cryptocurrencies. The process of using your Dogecoin crypto wallet at Godex is pretty straightforward, so let’s check it out.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the crypto you want to sell and the amount you want to sell.
  3. Select the crypto you want to buy.
  4. Enter your address for selling crypto (your Dogecoin wallet address, if you’re selling DOGE).
  5. Enter your address for receiving crypto.
  6. Use the custom-generated address in your wallet to deposit the amount to
  7. Wait for the exchange to take place (usually a couple of minutes).
  8. Wait until your purchased cryptocurrency arrives at your crypto wallet.

As you can see, it’s a simple task, and it costs much less than actually exchanging your cryptocurrencies within the wallet alone.


Dogecoin may not be as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it’s doing an excellent job, given that it’s been created as a joke. There are still tens of thousands of DOGE owners, who are actively engaged in trading this cryptocurrency, and all of them want a great wallet where they can store the coins securely. If you’re one of them, feel free to examine our list of the best DOGE wallets. First of all, select whether you want to use a software or a hardware wallet. After that, feel free to further examine the options we’ve provided and select the one that meets your needs.

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