For Partners

Integrated instant exchange for multi-currency wallets
Provide your users with the ability to seamlessly exchange one crypto for another and manage their crypto portfolio, while staying within the wallet. Increase user's involvement by adding the built-in exchange feature and get an inflow of new customers from our service
Revenue sharing on every exchange
Manage your profits from every exchange by varying rates. Flexible and customizable fee system with profit up to 0.6% from total transaction volume. Our open-source API is easy to use.
Easy way to top up with any coin
Fund the wallets with any available from 210 coins, withdraw and exchange to any of them in on-the-fly mode

Integration Process

step 01
Register in Godex affiliate
Create your affiliate account in just couple of clicks. It is very easy and we have a detailed instruction here
step 02
Choose the most convenient way
We offer several options for our partners so you can choose the most convenient one for you:
— Whitelabel API with detailed documentation
— Customizable Widgets and buttons
step 03
Contact us and we will help you to start earning
Get a dedicated support line. Our technical specialists will guide you step by step on the integration of the exchange flow