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  • Name: Agrello

  • Symbol: DLT

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  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 4 602

  • Volume 24h: 10 322 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,03 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,1 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -0,15 %

About Agrello

Agrello is an Ethereum-based project founded by Margus Poola in 2018. It offers decentralized digital identity and signature services to individual clients and businesses. This platform focuses on digitizing documents-related operations such as storing, sharing, signing and managing. Agrello ID Platform allows users to confirm their identities while onboarding, provides effective client verification mechanism and e-signature solutions. .DOCS is the other innovative solution developed by the Agrello team for trusted documents operations secured by the latest cryptographic mechanisms.  

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What Is Agrello (DLT)?

The crypto industry is relatively young, so there are still very few real experts over there. Most people interested in the digital economy have fairly superficial knowledge that often leads to fraud.

Agrello (DLT) project’s developers have decided to create a “bridge” between professionals who know all the peculiarities of the industry and newcomers who are just beginning their journey in the crypto world. The main goal is to help ordinary people with no technical background to create smart contracts that have legal force.

In this article, we will discuss Agrello, its pros and cons, and find out the best place to convert DLT.

Agrello is a decentralized platform running on the blockchain with in-built artificial intelligence. The project was released back in 2017 by Estonian developers. It enables users to create, store, and manage smart contracts. The key point of the Agrello platform is that all the functionality is available to ordinary users who have no experience in coding and jurisprudence.

Agrello covers a huge number of working applications running both in the public and private sectors. This field has a huge potential, as people always conclude various agreements. Examples are rental and purchase agreements, agreements on partnership and transfer, agreements on damages and non-disclosure, etc. Agrello technology developers strive to simplify and automate the interaction between the parties and move them to the blockchain.

The primary mission of the team is to introduce smart contracts into the real economy. The platform's functionality allows non-tech savvy users to create smart contracts on their own. The project team consists of experts in AI, blockchain, and jurisprudence.

Agrello Price Index

Shortly after the release, the Agrello price did not exceed 40 cents. After a while, the exchange rate of the token rose to $1.3. If you look closely at the DLT price chart, you can see that its price returned to its initial level in a few weeks.

Until the end of 2017, the Agrello price USD remained unchanged. However, the growth began in the first quarter of 2018, and the currency reached $1.31.

But after the previous bull market, the coin price dropped and never approached its all-time high again. Moreover, the Agrello price fell all the way to $0.02 in the spring of 2020, during the market meltdown. Now at the end of August 2021, DLT is pretty stable, without significant ups and downs.

Circulation of Agrello

The total emission of DLT is 130,271,020 tokens. Currently 102,735,764 DLTs are circulating. It is important to note that the project does not have a maximum supply, which may have a negative impact on the price of DLT crypto in the long term.

Ways of Buying DTL?

It is also possible to buy DLN on centralized exchanges (CEX), but you need to register and pass KYC in most cases. You have to provide complete information about yourself, as well as send your documents to the support service — only this will guarantee your full-fledged work on centralized exchanges. 

In other words, when trading on such sites, forget about anonymity. Moreover, keep in mind that the screenshots of documents will be stored on external servers. There have already been some cases of hacking of centralized exchanges when attackers stole not only money but also users’ personal data. 

The easiest and fastest way to buy Agrello is to use the Godex decentralized platform. Here you can exchange DLT for any of the 300 other available coins. If you want to convert any available cryptos, you don't need to provide any information about yourself. The developers of Godex prioritize financial secrecy, so they don't collect users’ sensitive info. Working with Godex, you can be entirely sure that no one will know about the operations you carry out.


How Does DLT Work?

Agrello smart contracts should simplify and automate the cooperation between people and companies. The point is that classic contracts are usually prolonged and expensive to maintain. Add artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the enormous work of a team of experts, and you get a suitable and reliable product.

The smart contract operates on a decentralized platform according to the “What If” principle, so all disputes between the parties can be resolved very quickly without lawyers and attorneys’ assistance.

The Delta (DLT) token powers the network. It is an ERC-20 format token running on the Ethereum network. DLT can be used within the Agrello system for some basic operations.

People who want to use contract templates on the Agrello platform should have DLT tokens. In addition, other elements within the Agrello ecosystem can be paid only with DLT.

How Many Agrello (DLT) Coins Are There In Circulation?

As mentioned above, there is no maximum number of DLT crypto. Total emission is 130,271,020 DLT, and 102,735,764 DLT are in circulation. The number of available coins depends on various factors: mining speed, burning procedures, etc. 

How to Exchange Agrello (DLT)?

To exchange DLT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the DLT converter on the Godex.io website.
  2. Select the required trading pair, for example, Agrello to USDT.
  3. Before you convert DLT tokens, indicate how much you need.
  4. Enter your wallet number for the coins to be sent.
  5. Wait up to half an hour.

Once the Agrello exchange is over, the coins will be reflected in your wallet. Each request is individual, and the time of its proceeding depends on several factors. Usually, these are mempool loading and the type of blockchain.

Godex is ideal for a fast and profitable DLT exchange. To work with the site, you don't need to register. The interface is designed so that any user can perform a DLT exchange without any problems. Godex protects the privacy of its customers and collects no information about them. In addition, the site operates at fixed commissions, so you will know the exact number of tokens you will receive even at the stage of forming the application.

Godex does not charge additional fees or hidden commissions since transparency is one of the main principles of the platform. That is why it has an impeccable record, and users from around the world use it daily.

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