Top 5 Best Crypto Faucets

Top crypto faucets

Cryptocurrency faucet means a cryptocurrency payment system, which is a site or application that rewards users with certain amounts of cryptocurrency. Some people like it, others think that this is nothing more than a fraud. In this article we will try to find the best crypto faucets in 2020.

What is a Сrypto Faucet?

Depending on the selected faucet, users can get coins for making various tasks, for example, staying on a web page for a certain time, watching a video, filling in a captcha, playing games or just clicking on certain areas of the site. The use of the service sites is free, but most often you just need to specify an email address and your crypto wallet for registration. After accumulating a certain number of coins, the system allows withdrawing them to a cryptocurrency wallet.

A very large variety of sites distributing crypto coins can be classified into two groups:

Storage faucet

It constantly increases the amount of winnings, even when the computer is turned off. The reward is fixed, and the amount is transferred to the user account.

Discrete faucet

The reward is given for a certain period of time; it can vary from several minutes to 24 hours.

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Crypto Faucets That Work

Many people are surprised that there is an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without any serious knowledge, risks or investments. Hence the distrust of any crypto faucets. But let’s look at the question of which of them still work and bring users profit. After all, you can get paid for all sorts of actions:

  • viewing ads;
  • to enter a captcha;
  • play games;
  • watch videos.

What is the benefit for the creators of such faucets? They receive funds from advertisers and partners for traffic. Users who perform actions-and there is this live high-quality traffic. Therefore, the creators share part of the profit with you for targeted actions. A logical and profitable partnership for all.

However, it is necessary to choose a reliable platform. When choosing on which platform to receive coins, be careful and always read user reviews, so as not to get on crypto faucets not paying the funds you received. We have prepared for you a list of the best faucets for the main crypto coins. 

Top Bitcoin faucets for 2021 is the most reliable crypto faucet that has been working for 7 years. This is a multifaucet for the following cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Das, Bytecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Stellar. In addition to the faucet reward, the site allows earning income in other ways, i.e. to save interests on the deposit, play the lottery, invite referrals, and participate in contests.

Daily Free Bits is a Bitcoin faucet which does not require any registration. All you need is the public address of your BTC wallet. Users can receive free Satoshi every hour.

Moon Bitcoin is famous for its constant presence among all the top Bitcoin faucets and it is known for its stable payments. This Bitcoin faucet rewards Satoshi users for successfully completing small tasks. For each of which they can get an average of 10 Satoshi every five minutes. You can only withdraw your earnings after reaching the 10,000 satoshi level, and you will also have to pay a commission. 

Top Ripple faucets for 2021

This is the most popular free Ripple crypto faucet. It has more than 300 registered users, and you can send applications for free tokens every hour. Payments are accrued instantly, and if you bring new users, you can get 50% of their earnings.


OptimalBux is not a free Ripple faucet, but you can use this site to make money and then exchange it for Ripple. This site pays simply for viewing ads, attracting new users and for completing tasks. Payment is made through Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin, so you can withdraw any of these cryptocurrencies and convert them to Ripple.

Top Litecoin faucets for 2021

MoonLitecoin is part of the Moon Faucet platform, which has several faucets with many other cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin. This Litecoin can reward you for free for entering captcha with LTC. Here you can get up to 1,000 Litoshi every five minutes; there is also a multi-level program, with the help of which you can increase your salary.

TreasureBits is a multi-crypto currency faucet that rewards the users with LTC by entering captcha and performing various social tasks. Through this website, you can earn other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dash and Dogecoin. Each five minutes you can apply for earnings up to 2651 Litoshi. In addition to the captcha TreasureBits offers games, accessory boards, and airdrop activities for receiving tokens.

Top Ethereum faucets for 2021

Ethereum Faucet

This crypto faucet resembles Spin the roulette wheel and depending on the number you get, you get a certain amount of coins.


On this site you receive up to 500 Gwei for free every 5 minutes. Coins are collected in the internal account.


This Ethereum faucet has a request of 1000 Gwei every 5 minutes.

Every day, new crypto faucets appear (both websites and applications), so the market is considered to be very competitive. Only the most original ideas are able to break through and gain popularity.

Top Monero faucets for 2021 

If you study all kinds of user and expert reviews about the best faucets, you will most likely find in each of them on the first lines exactly We can say that this is a recognized leader. 

Users distinguish it due to the fact that to claim a reward every 60 minutes. And with each application, you have a chance to get up to 0.025 XMR. You should also study their loyalty program.

Express Faucet

This is a very popular resource that you should also pay attention to. Register and get tasks to solve captchas. After completion, you will receive your payment. However, the payout frequency is much slower. Here you will receive them every 240 minutes. But the platform has a bonus. The lottery game gives you additional opportunities to earn XMR.

If you just want to get rewarded in the form of XMR for simple actions, use this platform as well. It offers good conditions.

Here you can receive payouts very often. Up to 0.00001716 XMR almost every 5 minutes. Create a monero wallet to receive your earned funds there.



Free crypto faucets with captchas how they work, why?

Various companies and services need to make mass mailings, register on sites and in search engines to post information about themselves and attract cheap customers. However, sites do not like automatic subscriptions or mailing lists, trying to deal with them harshly – including by installing a captcha that the computer cannot recognize.

Companies have found a way out – to show captcha remotely to live people for a fee. Therefore, users in faucets have the opportunity to earn coins for such a simple action.

Are Monero faucets legit? Or faucets for receiving any other currencies? Yes, this is a legal and affordable way to get cryptocurrencies.

Can you make money with a Bitcoin faucet?

Absolutely right. There are quite a few good faucets that allow users to receive Bitcoin. You can’t say that you can earn a huge amount here. This is rather a small pleasant additional bonus, but taking into account the growth forecasts of the cryptocurrency, in the future, the funds earned in this way can become the initial capital for further investments in the cryptocurrency.


What are the top 3 Faucets Cryptocurrencies?

It is difficult to single out 3 favorites among all, since for each cryptocurrency there are their most suitable faucets. However, we want to highlight:

  • with the high popularity of the site, its authority and additional significant draws of funds.
  • Moon Bitcoin, which can be called one of the most popular in the world. You get tasks for which you will receive a reward, as well as stable payments.
  • where you can receive your personal rewards and 50% of the coins received from friends you brought to the service.


How does a crypto faucet work?

It’s simple. You register on the site, perform small tasks (enter a captcha, go to the site, watch a video, etc.), faucet will receive payment from companies for these actions, and you will receive a part of this payment.

Technologies currently do not cope with some tasks that require the participation of a real person. For example, as we mentioned, computers can hardly distinguish between captchas. But it is still profitable for companies to pay for targeted actions of live users for automatic mailings, registrations, etc.

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